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We formed South Coast Mission in 2005 to help our neighbors in Orange County California live better quality lives and we have been privileged to have helped thousands of people do just that.

We provide effective help for a wide array of personal and relationship difficulties. We use the unique and proven techniques of Dianetics to get to the root of your problems and provide real solutions and real relief.

We also offer free webinars three times per week to provide answers to the problems and difficulties people experience in their daily lives. 

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Free Phone Consultation

Free Phone Consultation

We are currently offering free phone consultations. We will discuss your situation and what you would like to improve or change about your life or yourself.

Self Help Webinars

Free Introductory Webinars

Webinars on relationships, communication, breakups, self-confidence, anger, trauma, introversion and more.

Personal Counseling

Dianetics Auditing

During Dianetics Auditing, your auditor uses Dianetics techniques to guide you through your reactive mind—the hidden part of your mind—to reveal the source of your unwanted negative or painful emotions, attitudes and feelings, and make them vanish.

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Testimonial - Vanessa


“I cannot begin to explain how much auditing from South Coast Mission has helped me to improve my life emotionally and mentally”
— Dr. Vanessa Smith

We can help you with:

Overcoming Anxiety
Anger Problems
Divorce & Breakups
Past Bad Experiences
Unlock your Full potential
Unlock Your Full Potential

Learn to Control Your Reactive Mind!

Have there been times you felt you couldn't control your own thoughts, emotions or what you did or said? That you were a powerless bystander to your own actions and feelings?

Have you wondered why it's hard to get rid of unwanted feelings despite everything you try? Why you stay sad, anxious, introverted, resentful, angry, low self-esteem or stuck in a breakup, betrayal or other trauma? For days, months or even years?

Do you ever feel that something gets in the way of your ability to realize your potential and feel happiness?

Well, there is something. 

The answers lie in your reactive mind, the part of your mind that remains hidden from you, but that can affect and control you when triggered. 

The unconscious, subconscious, or reactive mind, underlies and keeps people enslaved to uncontrolled impulses, thoughts and feelings. The reactive mind is a discovery of Dianetics, as contained in the best-selling book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard. 

At South Coast Mission we use Dianetics auditing to relieve and eliminate irrational or unwanted feelings and thoughts, putting you back in control.



Hello from the Executive Director, Diana Dernehl

Life throws constant curves and you can find yourself far off the road to happiness and achieving your goals. We can set you back on that road and help you live the life you want to live and deserve.

We have great success with many of the feelings and problems people would like resolved, from personal difficulties and trouble with relationships to straightening out families and resolving work problems. 

We are passionate about helping people and nothing brings us greater pleasure than seeing people regain themselves and their lives!

I hope to be able to help you soon! If you would like more information, fill out the form below!

All the best,

Free Phone Consultation

Get a free phone consultation with our expert consultant! You’ll discuss your situation and what you would like to improve or change about your life or yourself. We’ll give you advice on what to do and also recommend one of our economical self-help programs. Call us at (949) 652-8200 or fill out the form below.