Get to the root of your anger and get it under control

At South Coast Mission we can help with your anger problems by getting to the root of your anger and remove the triggers that cause you to have uncontrollable episodes of anger or temper.

Whether you would just like to be able to curb your temper, or you have chronic anger that is wrecking your relationships and life, we can help you. We have helped many people control and even rid themselves of their anger and resentment.

We provide economical courses at our center or you can receive one-on-one help.

Call (949) 652-8200 for more information or for a free consultation; or use the form at the end of the page.


Kids and Teens with Anger Problems

We also can help a child or teen that is having problems with anger. We make it very safe for them and work with them to overcome their anger issues and have a happier, more positive outlook. Feel free to call us to discuss the situation and see if we can help you.

Chronic anger problems

Constant anger, hair-trigger temper and brewing resentment can wreak havoc in your relationships and cause issues with your family, children and work. If left unchecked, angry behavior can lead to a ruined life and even physical harm.

Our programs are designed to bring about real and lasting change in your behavior. We don’t believe in just patching something up, or giving you ways to control your anger on the surface while leaving it seething underneath. That’s just a recipe for eventual failure and renewed anger episodes and problems.

Helping you overcome your anger

Your first step is an in-depth interview with one of our consultants so we can establish the best course of action for you to overcome your anger.

You can opt to take a course in our center to learn to deal with your anger and improve your relationships, or you can opt to work with someone one-on-one in order to get to the root of your anger issues. Many people will do a combination of both to ensure they get to the root of their anger as well as have tools to deal with relationships in daily life. Your consultant will guide you in the direction that will work best for you.

Free Consultation

Get a Free Consultation with one of our consultants. You can discuss your situation and guidance to the right combination of courses or counseling to get your anger under control, and out of your life.

We are friendly and discreet, and understand that things and situations happen to people and that sometimes a person needs some effective guidance and tools. We are here to provide you nonjudgmental help and a sympathetic ear.

Call (949) 652-8200 to schedule your appointment or use the form to send us a message, ask us a question or to book your Free Consultation.