Overcome Past Bad Experiences

We can help relieve the emotional pain in your life


Painful emotion from past traumatic experiences often continues to affect you in the present, making it hard to feel happy and enjoy life. Even when you think you've moved on, the negative emotions can be triggered, sending you back into the pain of that experience. 

And we are talking about pain; emotions such as grief, depression, anxiety, fear, anger, simmering resentment, feelings of shame, blaming and regret can feel like physical pain in their intensity!

At South Coast Mission we can help you remove your painful emotions and eliminate them from your life.

Painful experiences that can linger on.

  • A broken relationship or divorce.
  • Death or loss of a loved one.
  • Death of a pet. 
  • A sudden shock or bad news.
  • A betrayal.
  • Being part of an abusive relationship. 
  • A bad injustice. 
  • Loss of a job, position or business. 
  • Grave illness or injury. 

The painful emotions from these experiences don't just go away on their own. But the good news is there is a way to clear them out of your way.

Overcome the pain from past bad experiences with Dianetics Auditing

Dianetics auditing can release your painful emotions and past trauma so that you can move forward with your life again.

Auditing comes from Latin audire, meaning "to hear or listen." Dianetics auditing gets to the source of a person’s painful emotion and eliminates it. This is accomplished with a Dianetics auditor in a one-on-one session. He or she or she will gently guide you to the incident(s) that are causing the painful emotion to persist, and using the Dianetics procedure, discharge it. This can give you considerable relief and a permanent removal of that painful emotion from your life.

Dianetics auditing employs no drugs or techniques such as hypnosis. Instead, you are fully awake at all times. Dianetics auditing is an applied science. It is precise, thoroughly codified and has exact procedures.

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